Camping accross the US in an RV is fun. You can stay anywhere and be free like this article on The typical length RV is 28ft and can be hard to park. I see them taking 2 spots at the mall.

Consider renting an RV instead of buying or leasing.

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RVing in Hawaii Most RVers aim at completing their camping by visiting the entire 50 states in the US using a travel trailer or a motorhome. But what challenges most of these trip enthusiasts, is the last state. This is due to its remote location making it hard to go RVing. However, this is not to say that it is impossible. Shipping it will cost you a lot not to mention the number of days it might take to get your motorhome shipped. Instead, you can rent condos at the beachside and enjoy your vacation. You can also rent a camper van from the Oahu, Maui, or the Big Islands.

What You Need to Consider When RVing in Hawaii 1. Keep it simple You can rent various campervans from the Big Island and Oahu. Most of them have island-inspired features with fun colors. You can also enjoy amenities like ice chests. With your $175 you can rent camper vans from Hawaii Campers for a night. This can be a good deal in Hawaii. In Maui, North Shore Vans rents various Chevy and Dodge vans with interiors decorated using humid touches and prints. You can get them at $150 in a single night. The company also provides beach chairs, coolers, linens, and campground tips.

2. Be Ready for Country Roads If you are thinking of easily accessible and wide roads, you will have to look in the mainland and not in Hawaii. Most roads on the islands wind up in the rugged inland and the coastal areas. Having a small van or a camp tent is the best idea. When planning to visit Hawaii, keep in mind your destination to avoid roads that might direct you to the sandy beaches. Cities such as Honolulu are somehow congested, try to escape traffic jams. You can ask the locals about the area and avoid hurrying.

3. Select Your Locations and Obtain a Permit Although you may want to end your trip in this last state sleeping near the ocean waves, it is prohibited. For this reason, you may have to opt for private campgrounds. You can find country and state campgrounds in the islands. You can get your permit online to camp at the government-operated locations. In the Hawaii Volcanoes and Haleakala national parks, there are two campgrounds where you can spend time. Most of these campsites have limited hookups and resources. Make your reservations online as early as possible.

4. Pack Your Supplies Hawaii is limited as much as RV centers are concerned. Getting supplies like filling up on gas can be challenging. If you will need any supplies for your shipped motorhome, stock yourself from supercenters such as Walmart. You may face challenges getting supplies from the smaller towns. But when it comes to camping tips and local foods, there is no need to concern yourself.

5. Save Up Your Cash and Enjoy Life You may be surprised by the high fuel cost in Hawaii especially if it's your first time there as an RVer. When in this region, save for your essential but take it easy on yourself as well. It is your time to have fun and forget the hurdles of life. Take life slow and enjoy every bit of your life in Hawaii.

RVing in Hawaii is a different kind of experience. Keep in mind that accessing supplies such as the fuel might be challenging. Enjoy your camping.